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I regret that due to the hacking I referred to in the home page of this website, the gallery is having to be rebuilt from scratch. Hopefully, this will take place over the next few days. please be patient while I undertake this extensive and undeserved task!

Here you will find pictures of some of the beautiful animals we breed together with their accommodation. Simply select the gallery and click on the thumbnails to see a full-size picture.

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Painted Dragon (<i>Laudakia stellio brachydactyla</i>). One of my favourite Agamids, the Painted Dragon is behaviourally more like a Bearded Dragon than the Starred Agama of which it is a sub-species Album title: Agamids and Iguanids

The Agamids are a large group of lizards found mainly in the warmer zones of the Old World. The Iguanids are their New World counterparts. Most species of both groups have at least some very spiny scales.

Green Lizard (<i>lacerta viridis bilineata</i>) This is one of my large males. As you can see, he is a little battle scarred! Album title: Lacertids

The Lacertids are a large family of Lizards found primarily in Europe and Asia although a few do get into Africa. Often referred to as the "Typical Lizards", I probably keep more of these than all the others put together.

Common or Viviparous Lizard (<i>Zootoca vivipara</i>). This is a fairly typical adult male. The beauty of these little characters is greatly underestimated. Album title: Native amphibians & reptiles

A few shots of some of our native species - unsurprisingly since they are my greatest interest the Lizards predominate in this gallery.

This is the heathland vivarium in which I keep the Sand Lizards which are bred for re-introduction into the wild as part of the Sand lizard Captive Breeding and Reintroduction Programme. Album title: Vivaria

This small gallery includes a few shots of the vivaria in which I keep some of my animals