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The Agamids are a large group of lizards found mainly in the warmer zones of the Old World. The Iguanids are their New World counterparts. Most species of both groups have at least some very spiny scales.

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Painted Dragon (<i>Laudakia stellio brachydactyla</i>). Babies just starting to emerge from eggs Painted Dragon (<i>Laudakia stellio brachydactyla</i>). One of my favourite Agamids, the Painted Dragon is behaviourally more like a Bearded Dragon than the Starred Agama of which it is a sub-species Painted Dragon (<i>Laudakia stellio brachydactyla</i>). This beautiful little character is only a few minutes old.

Plumed Basilisk (<i> Basiliscus plumifrons</i>. This is an adult female. Not quite as spectacular as the males but equally beautiful. Saharan Uromastyx (<i>Uromastyx geyrii</i>). Many species of Uromastyx can be quite stunning in colour as this portrait of a red-phased male shows. Thai Water Dragon (<i>Physignathus cocinchinus</i>). Juveniles - I just love this shot of one of my favourite lizard species

Thai Water Dragon (<i>Physignathus cocinchinus</i>). This is a mature but young male. A truly beautiful animal. Thai Water Dragon (<i>Physignathus cocinchinus</i>). This little character is only a few hours old. Thai Water Dragon (<i>Physignathus cocinchinus</i>). This portrait is of a very large male. Despite his size (over a metre total length) he remained very friendly.

This is a male Plumed Basilisk (<i>Basiliscus plumifrons</i>). These fairly large and spectacular Iguanids can actually grow quite tame.

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