Herpetology - the study of amphibians and reptiles

What can you do?

Everyone can make some small contribution to amphibian and reptile conservation. Even if you have no time or suffer other physical limitations as simple a thing as joining an organisation which is dedicated to herpetofauna conservation thus assisting funding, or you can donate similarly.

You can assist in monitoring populations of animals or even just report those you happen to see. You can also become actively involved in habitat restoration and involvement.

More details illustrating a few of these options are given below:-


The Amphibian and Reptile Conservation Trust welcomes donations to help with the never-ending task of furthering the recovery of our native herpetofauna. Alternatively, you might wish to undertake some fundraising activity. In either case follow this link to find out how you can help

Join an organisation.

Maintain habitat

Observe the animals

Once again this can be done through these organisations. But, additionally you can

This is not an exhaustive list but gives you an idea of the many things you can do to help our native reptiles and amphibians.