Herpetology - the study of amphibians and reptiles

Animals for Sale

The vast majority of animals I breed are either for conservation or are exchanged with other breeders to help ensure continuing genetic variety. Since I specialise largely in what are now European Protected Species the latter has become an imperative due to the difficulty in obtaining animals from the wild - which in most cases is exactly as it should be.

Nevertheless surplus animals are occasionally available. Please feel free to contact me (using the Contact Me link) if you wish to enquire if animals may become available.

I will also list surplus animals, if any, here. But .... be warned ......

a) most of what I breed is pre-booked, and

b) I am extremely picky about who I sell to - I will only sell to genuine enthusiasts who are going to provide a high level of suitable care.

Any surplus captive bred animals can also be found at http://www.captivebredlizards.co.uk together with many bred by Mark Harris at "Dragon Farm" in Portugal.