Herpetology - the study of amphibians and reptiles

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This small gallery includes a few shots of the vivaria in which I keep some of my animals

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This is another large walk in vivarium. An Australian Water Dragon can be seen towards the back. Like my other vivaria of this sort the roof is of twinwall UV transmitting acrylic sheet. This is my largest jungle vivarium. It is approximately 2m wide and deep and nearly 3m at its highest point. It contains a substantial pond and waterfall and can (and has) contain 1.2 Basilisks, 2.3 Thai Water Dragons and 1.3 Giant Madagascan Day Geckos. This is the heathland vivarium in which I keep the Sand Lizards which are bred for re-introduction into the wild as part of the Sand lizard Captive Breeding and Reintroduction Programme.

This is the largest of my outdoor vivaria and contains various European Lacertid species together with some amphibians

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