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The Lacertids are a large family of Lizards found primarily in Europe and Asia although a few do get into Africa. Often referred to as the "Typical Lizards", I probably keep more of these than all the others put together.

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A newly hatched Green Lizard (<i>Lacerta viridis bilineata</i>). Note how little green there is at this age and the two lines that give it its latin name can hardly be seen. Green Lizard (<i>lacerta viridis bilineata</i>) This is one of my large males. As you can see, he is a little battle scarred! Green Lizard (<i>Lacerta viridis bilineata</i>). A lovely group in one of my outdoor vivaria. This illustrates the amazing range of patterning that can be seen in these lovely animals.

Green Lizard (<i>Lacerta viridis bilineata</i>). This is a juvenile female. Although a year old still hardly any green - but the two white lines can be clearly seen. Green Lizard (<i>Lacerta viridis bilineata</i>). This is Big Boss, the dominant male in one of my large outdoor vivaria for many years. We finally lost him during the winter aged seventeen and a half years. Italian Wall Lizard (<i>Podarcis sicula campestris</i>) This is a large and elderly male who has been with me for many years.

Italian Wall Lizard (<i>Podarcis sicula campestris</i>). Although the males are rather splendid I find the more subdued markings of the females such as this more beautiful. This is a picture of my thumb! Additionally there is a hatchling Italian Wall lizard (<i>Podarcis sicula campestris</i>). The smaller lacertids, unsurprisingly, hatch small babies!

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